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Compact Adcock DF Antenna


The DF-A0253 is a single band, compact Adcock DF antenna intended for direction-finding from 2000 to 6000 MHz.brThe antenna presents patterns suitable for the WatsonWatt estimation method, as well as 3-channel correlative DF (CIDF). The antenna offers an omni-channel output that can also be used for monitoring. brThe DF-A0253 has a low noise amplifier on each channel with passive bypass capability, an integrated noise source or optional external signal can be used for downstream RF chain calibration and also includes navigation and GPS.

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Frequency range 2000 - 6000 MHz
Number of channels 3
DF method Watson-Watt or 3-channel CIDF
RMS accuracy < 5° (using only pure WW)*
Polarisation Vertical
Omni-output Yes
Nominal input impedance 50 O

    Product Applications

    Signals Intelligence
  • Radio Direction Finding
  • C-ESM

    Design Features

  • DF-A0253 DF-A0253-05NavigationIntegrated compass. Heading Accuracy 2° RMS brIntegrated GPS/INS1 unit. Heading accuracy 0.3° RMSGPS Antenna brActive (L1)Onboard storageModel no., serial no., user data fields 64MB flash in addition to Model no., serial no. and user data fields Programming interface None to integrated micro controller RF calibration RF chain calibration using Integrated noise source or external applied signal Power supply 6 - 18 V DC Power consumption3 W