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HF Active Monopole


The HF passive whip monopole antenna is designed for deployment on open ground or permanent installation and includes a deployable groundplane. The antenna’s radiation pattern is suitable for medium to long range HF monitoring. It can be deployed as part of either a linear or circular array and is quickly and easily deployed and stowed. The product can be rapidly deployed by two people within 30 minutes but can also be bolted to a plinth for semi-permanent installations. The antenna is intended for use in constructing DF interferometer arrays consisting of multiple MONO-A0097 antennas.

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Frequency range 1 - 30 MHz
Polarisation Vertical
Gain See graph
Nominal input impedance 50 Ω
Connector N-type female
H-plane 3 dB beamwidth 360°
Polarisation Vertical
Sensitivity in 1 Hz bandwidth 1μV/m
OP1 18 dBm
OIP3 37 dBm
Input Voltage 12.5 - 15.5 VDC
DC input current (max) 400 mA
Length 7.5 m
Total mass < 30 kg excluding packaging

    Product Applications

    Signals Intelligence
  • Radio Direction Finding

    Design Features

  • 1 to 30 MHz frequency range Rugged Quick deployment time Self-contained groundplane Glass fiber insulated radiator