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Active Adcock Direction Finding Array


DF-A0015 implements an 8-element active Adcock array with a centrally located ninth element for omni-directional sensing. This direction finding antenna array covers a frequency range of 1 to 30 MHz. For improved performance at low frequencies, the DF-A0076 can be installed instead. As well as the 9 elements of the original DF-A0015, this array features a second array at approximately 4 times the diameter, giving superior DF sensitivity in the 0.5 to 7 MHz band. The arrays are intended for use in conjunction with the Watson Watt (WW) DF estimation method. Corrected WW may also be used to enhance accuracy in the 25 to 30 MHz region. The array features a passive mode where the active matching circuitry is bypassed and powered down. All antenna elements are connected to the central combiner system for beam forming. Shipped in compact storage and transport boxes, the antenna can be assembled by one person in 60 minutes, without special tools or civils. Adjustable feet on each element accommodate uneven surfaces. The array is designed for long-term outdoor deployment and is weather resistant.

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Frequency range 1 - 30 MHz Adcock array
Antenna type Active/passive monopole-based direction finding array
Number of elements 9
Polarisation Vertical
VSWR < 2:1 to 50 O
Gain and sensitivity See graphs attached
RF outputs 3
Connectors (RF) N-type female
Connector (power) MIL 38999-09-98
Supply voltage 10 - 20 V DC
Supply current < 500 mA
Antenna weight 98.5 kg
Assembled diameter (max) 16 m
Assembled height 2.8 m
Shipping container dimensions 1600 mm x 335 mm x 500 mm

    Product Applications

    Signals Intelligence
  • Radio Direction Finding
  • C-ESM

    Design Features

  • HF active DF Unique aperture shaping provides excellent accuracy over wideband with Watson Watt method Passive bypass mode