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Manpack VHF High-Power Antenna


This wideband manpack antenna covers the full VHF band with some extension to 20 MHz and 500 MHz. It is mounted on either an N-type or 7/16 connector base, with a matching unit at the base, a spring for shock absorption and flexibility, and has a thin steel whip. By covering the full VHF band in one antenna, it replaces 2 conventional high-power antennas, reducing clutter and visual signature on the manpack system. The matching section at the base of the antenna contains transformers and loading for the whip. This is mounted directly onto the male connector. The whip extends from the top of the matching section, it is spring-loaded at its base, and flexible over its length. It is also possible to fold the whip in half for storage purposes. The radiating whip is loaded along its length to control the antenna radiation patterns. It is thin and flexible over most of its length, with loads protruding slightly. The whip will not be damaged by contact with trees, doorways etc., in normal operation

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Frequency range 20 - 500 MHz
VSWR < 3:1
Nominal impedance 50 O
Azimuth pattern Omni-directional
Elevation pattern Monopole pattern
Power handling 30 W CW (20 - 100 MHz) 35 W CW (100 - 500 MHz)
DC resistance Short circuit
Groundplane requirements Groundplane dependent ; Minimum 400 mm x 200 mm x 500 mm manpack recommended
Dimensions of base (excluding connector) (l x d) 203 mm x 60 mm
Dimensions of whip (l x d) 1280 mm x 15.5 mm max
Folded length (excluding connector) 792 mm
Total mass 0.74 kg
Mounting On connector at base
Colour Black
Temperature range Storage: -30 °C to +70° C

    Product Applications

    Electronic Countermeasures
  • Counter RCIED

    Design Features

  • High efficiency VHF antenna Full-band coverage, takes the place of 2 regular high-power antennas Proven flexible base spring protects the antenna