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Active Monitoring Antenna


The OMNI-A0107 is a dual ultra-wideband omni-directional monitoring antenna making it suitable for general spectrum surveillance. The use of active components in the antenna provide for a compact design. The OMNI-A0107-01 is a single-output version of the antenna to allow the entire spectrum to be covered by a receiver via one N-type female connector. The OMNI-A0107-02 is a passive version of the OMNI-A0107 utilising two RF connectors.

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Frequency: OMNI-A0107 /-02: Band A Band B 20 MHz - 1000 MHz ; 1000 MHz - 6000 MHz
OMNI-A0107-01 20 - 6000 MHz
Sensitivity in 1 Hz bandwidth Below 3 GHz: -20 dBµV/m Above 3 GHz: -10 dBµV/m
Feed power handling Receive only
Nominal impedance 50 O
Polarisation Vertical
Pattern Omni-directional
Power supply Via RF cable 12.5 - 24 V DC
Power supply voltage transient withstand (100 mS) 60 V
Reverse polarity protected -60 V
Operating current 100 mA max
Absolute maximum field strength (no damage) Below 10 MHz: 50 V/m 10 - 100 MHz: 40 V/m Above 100 MHz: 20 V/m
Dimensions (l x w x h) 220 mm x 110 mm x 350 mm
Weight < 1.4 kg
Wind survival 200 km/h / 120km/h broadside

    Product Applications

    Spectrum Management
  • Spectrum Monitoring
  • Radio Direction Finding
  • Signals Intelligence

    Design Features

  • Very wide bandwidth (20 MHz to 6 GHz) Excellent performance in a small package due to the use of active technology Low profile Robust Suited for vehicle-mount applications