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Compact Monitoring Antenna


The OMNI-A0333 is a compact monitoring antenna. Supplied in active, active with passive bypass and passive versions, it allows monitoring over the full 20 to 6000 MHz band.brThe active version of the antenna includes amplification to help improve sensitivity. The antenna is best utilised with the MISC-A0022 power supply which injects DF power into the antenna to power the amplifier. The OMNIA0333-01 features a passive-bypass mode which is engaged when the antenna is not powered. In this mode, the antenna is completely passive, allowing for low distortion measurements in the presence of high incident fields.brMast-mounting with the supplied bracket allows the antenna to be permanently mounted outdoors. The antenna is waterproof and UV stabilised, it can be used as a compact antenna for a permanent monitoring system.brThe antenna gain can be characterised if required for field strength monitoring requirements.

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Frequency range 20 - 6000 MHz
Gain 16
E-Plane Beamwidth 60
H-Plane Beamwidth 360
VSWR < 2.5:1 typical (active version)
Nominal input impedance 50 O
Connectors 1 X N-type female
Azimuth ripple < 6 dB
DC voltage supply 15 ± 1 VDC
Supply current < 150 mA
Relay durability > 1 M operations
Relay switching time < 3 ms
Dimensions antenna
Total mass 1 kg
Mounting method mast

    Product Applications

    Spectrum Management
  • Spectrum Monitoring
  • Signals Intelligence
  • Radio Monitoring

    Design Features

  • Ultra-wideband 20 to 6000 MHzbrVery good sensitivitybrIP65Low profile compared to passive alternativesbr