Leading provider of custom & commercial RF and microwave electronics and antennas

Based in Windham, Maine, USA, ALARIS USA stands as a provider of customized and commercial RF and microwave electronics as well as cutting-edge antenna solutions. We are a proud supplier of high-quality RF components sourced from Linwave and Kuhne, alongside state-of-the-art antenna systems from COJOT and Alaris Antennas.

Our commitment to excellence drives us to offer specialized RF and antenna solutions for diverse scenarios, catering to a wide spectrum of industries and applications. At ALARIS USA, we combine technical expertise with a passion for innovation to meet and exceed the unique requirements of our valued clients.

Partner with us for exceptional RF and antenna solutions that redefine connectivity and performance in every situation.

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The Alaris Group forms part of a larger group of entities as seen here.

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We are a trusted source for high quality antennas and RF & microwave electronics that customers can rely on.

Not only by delivering the desired product from our wide range of standard RF and microwave electronics and antennas, but also by developing tailor made solutions for your application - employing the full know-how of our highly qualified engineering teams from all over the world.

We are your partner of choice not only for industrial (series) production of large volumes, but also for small batches and product groups. The ability to access different sites and their RF and microwave engineering capabilities within the group makes us very flexible and enables us to react promptly in the interest of our customers.

Our tightly managed logistics systems and cross company collaboration assures you or a fast and reliable delivery.

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Why Alaris USA?

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We are flexible and innovative with extremely short response times

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We have a proven capability in delivering products and custom solutions in a timely manner

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We offer MIL-STD-810 compliant antenna designs and have field-proven solutions worldwide.

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We are a trusted source for high quality antennas that customers can rely on.

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