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Manpack/Mobile DF Antenna System


The DFS-A0245 is a wideband DF antenna intended for on-the-move direction finding. The DF-A0245 quad-pod is used as the low frequency band. Its performance is enhanced with patented hybrid loop-Adcock technology to provide improved sensitivity versus traditional designs of the same form factor. A choice of four VUHF modules can be used as the higher frequency bands in the DFS-A0245, up to 3000 or 6000 MHz. A list of these antennas can be seen in the table below. Each of these antennas come with their own variants and additional features, which can be seen in their individual brochures. The antenna presents patterns suitable for the Watson Watt estimation method, as well as 3-channel correlative DF. Band switching is done via an integrated RF switch and control system. External and internal RF chain calibration is accommodated, along with various navigational capabilities.

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Frequency range 1 - 3000/6000 MHz
Channels per band 3
DF method Watson-Watt or 3-channel correlative
RMS accuracy < 5° (using only pure WW)*

    Product Applications

    Signals Intelligence
  • Radio Direction Finding
  • C-ESM