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Compact 4-Channel DF Antenna


The DF-A0273 is a single band, compact 4-Channel DF antenna intended for direction-finding from 20 to 500 MHz. The antenna uses crossed-loop array principles that provides maximum possible sensitivity for its compact form factor. The loop designs incorporate patent pending technology to mitigate cross-pol disturbance.The antenna presents patterns suitable for 4-channel correlative DF (CIDF).The DF-A0273 has low noise amplification on each channel with passive bypass capability, an integrated noise source for calibration and an electronic compass

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Frequency range 20 - 500 MHz
Number of channels 4
DF method 4-channel CDF
RMS accuracy < 2°
Polarisation Vertical
Nominal input impedance 50 O
Frequency range 20 - 500 MHz
RF Amplification Gain 20 ± 2 dB
Control RS 485 serial at 115 kbaud
Switching time < 100 µs using serial commands < 4 µs when using dedicated lines
Integrated compass Available on RS485 serial. Accuracy 3° RMS
Stored information Model no.
RF calibration RF chain calibration using Integrated noise source or external applied signal
Power supply 6.5-18 VDC
Power consumption < 1 W (noise source and compass off)

    Product Applications

    Signals Intelligence
  • Radio Direction Finding
  • C-ESM