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Compact Adcock DF Antenna


The DF-A0257 is a tri band, compact Adcock DF antenna intended for manpack direction-finding on the move from 20 MHz to 6000 MHz. The DF-A0257 can also be used with the DF-A0245 quad pod antenna for better low-end performance. The antenna presents patterns suitable for the WatsonWatt estimation method, as well as 3-channel correlative DF (CDF). The antenna offers an omni-channel output that can also be used for monitoring. The DF-A0257 has a low noise amplifier on each channel with passive bypass capability, an integrated noise source or optional external signal can be used for downstream RF chain calibration and also includes a navigation and GPS.

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Frequency range 20 - 6000 MHz
Number of channels 3
DF method Watson-Watt or 3-channel CDF
RMS accuracy See graph below
Polarisation Vertical
Omni-output Yes
Nominal input impedance 50 O
RF Amplification Gain 20 ± 2 dB
Switching time < 100 µs using serial commands < 5 µs when using dedicated lines
Navigation Integrated compass Heading accuracy 2° RMS
GPS Antenna Active (L1)
Onboard Storage Model no.
Programming interface None
RF calibration RF chain calibration using Integrated noise source or external applied signal
Power supply 6 - 18 V DC

    Product Applications

    Signals Intelligence
  • Radio Direction Finding
  • C-ESM
  • Electronic Countermeasures
  • Counter UAV