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Covert IED Suppression Antenna


The OMNI-A0082 is a covert, ultra-wideband antenna system designed for high-powered transmissions where signal suppression is required in applications like convoy protection, RCIED signals and VIP protection. It provides 4 separate antenna connections. Band A covers 20 to 200 MHz, band B covers 100 to 700 MHz, band C is a highefficiency, wideband 500 to 3000 MHz antenna and band D covers 850 to 6000 MHz. The overlap in frequency ranges allows this antenna system to be used with a wide range of transmitters and signal suppression hardware. The OMNIA0082 has an excellent omni-directional radiation pattern which provides 360° protection, and covers a 300:1 frequency range without significant elevation break-up. This ensures that maximum protection is available at all frequencies. The low visual profile avoids drawing attention to the vehicle on which it is fitted.

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Frequency (band A) 20 - 200 MHz
Frequency (band B) 100 - 700 MHz
Frequency (band C) 500 - 3000 MHz
Frequency (band D) 800 - 6000 MHz
band B < 3.0:1
band C < 2.5:1
band D (800 - 1000 MHz) < 3.5:1
band D (1000 - 6000 MHz) < 3.0:1
Nominal input impedance 50 O
Connector 4 x N-type female
Feed power handling (band A) 200 W
Feed power handling (band B) 100 W
Feed power handling (band C) 50 W
Feed power handling (band D) 50 W

    Product Applications

    Electronic Countermeasures
  • Counter RCIED

    Design Features

  • Visually disguised to avoid drawing attention to the vehicle Covers a 300:1 frequency range. Good VSWR and no elevation pattern breakup across the whole frequency range Overlaps between frequency bands for maximum flexibility