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Wideband Modular Foldable LPDA Antenna


The LPDA-A0158 is medium-gain wideband directional LPDA antenna and covers the frequency band from 30 MHz to 512 MHz. The antenna has a modular design which allows the user to deploy either the full assembly or the high frequency section only, depending on the mission requirements. This antenna has foldable elements which makes the antenna easy to stow and deploy. There are no loose parts and no tools required to deploy the antenna. This makes the antenna ideal for tactical applications as well as for use in harsh environments and installations where there is limited space for operators to manoeuvre. All antenna elements are permanently attached to the boom, to prevent any parts from becoming lost in the field.

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Frequency range Full assembly 30 - 512 MHz High Frequency Section 100 - 512 MHz
VSWR < 2.5:1
Nominal input impedance 50 O
Connector 7/16 female
Feed power handling 1000 W
Gain See gain graph
Polarisation Adjustable (vertical or horizontal)
Dimensions (full assembly - deployed) 4810 mm x 182 mm x 5350 mm
Dimensions (High Frequency section - deployed) 1521 mm x 125 mm x 1775 mm
Dimensions (full assembly - stowed) 4810mm x 182 mm x 590 mm
Dimensions (high frequency section - stowed) 1521 mm x 125 mm x 590 mm
Total mass < 28 kg excluding isolating pole < 43 kg including isolating pole
Mounting method On a swivel bracket fitted to the mast (requires isolation pole to change polarisation which is standard issue)

    Product Applications

    Electronic Countermeasures
  • Communications Jamming
  • Communications
  • Point-to-point Communications