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Universal Antenna Base, 6 Hole NATO

RA22-02XX-XX (UBS-6)

The UBS-6 is a wideband universal antenna base designed for use on mobile platforms and features the 6 hole NATO mounting pattern. Suitable for use with HF, VHF and UHF antennas, the UBS-6 is a logistical problem solver in that it provides a common, universal mounting for most antennas. The antenna mounting spigot is a universal 50 O co-axial coupling, designed to accommodate a wide variety of antennas, of different configurations and frequency ranges. (e.g. VCF30-108, VCF115-175, VCF225-420, VCF115-420).

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Frequency range 1 MHz - 1 GHz
Power input: 1 - 30 MHz 400 W 30 - 400 MHz 200 W 400 - 1000 MHz 100 W
Nominal input impedance 50 O
Connectors N-Type female (RA22-0242X-02)* BNC female (RA22-0246X-01)*
Dimensions Length: 230 mm
Total mass 1.8 kg

    Product Applications

  • Point-to-point Communications