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High Frequency Wideband Dipole Antenna

RA01-0125-01 (RWD1000)

The RWD1000 is a tough and rugged, yet highly efficient HF wideband dipole antenna, covering the frequency range 2.5 MHz to 30 MHz, ideal for base station and static mobile applications.brConstructed from stainless steel, aluminium and UV resistant plastics, the RWD1000 is compact and lightweight when rolled up, and the integral wire holders ensure rapid, tangle free deployment.brIdeal for short (NVIS), medium and long range communications, the RWD1000 can be erected in minutes, in either an inverted ‘V’ or positioned without consideration to the direction of transmission, making it ideal for use in multiple station networks.brTypical deployment time is approximately 20 minutes.

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Frequency range 2.5 - 30 MHz
VSWR < 3:1
Nominal input impedance 50 O nominal
Connectors N-type
Power Input 1 kW CW (100% duty cycle)
Dimensions Length: 46.2 m
Total mass 8 kg
Feeder cable 25 m RG213 supplied standard
Wind survival 120 km/h

    Product Applications

  • V/UHF Tactical Communications

    Design Features

  • Wideband (2.5 to 30 MHz)brRuggedbrQuick deploymentbrCompact storage