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SYST-A0004 Mounting Support


The MISC-A0047 is a mounting support designed to support the SYST-A0004 DF and monitoring antenna stack, and house the MISC-A0045 amplifier box. This support allows access to the cables and connectors terminating the various omni and DF antennas. The stack can be hoisted without any free cables hanging from the bottom The MISC-A0047 has been designed according to the environmental specifications of the SYST-A0004 and complies to all of these when the SYST-A0004 is mounted. It uses an identical mounting pattern on both top and bottom faces, matching the base of the SYST-A0004.

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Dimensions 350 mm cube
Material Aluminium
Total mass 18 kg
Mounting method SYST-A0004 flange: 8 off M12 SS bolts bolts on 280 mm PCD
Packaging Wooden crate
Plate thickness 20 mm
Wind survival 160 km/h with SYST-A0004 mounted
Temperature -30 °C to +70 °C
Relative humidity 1
Salt fog Yes
Vibration MIL-STD-810F vehicle
Shock 20 G
Operational rain proof Yes
Water ingress rating N/A

    Product Applications

    Spectrum Management
  • Source geolocation
  • Radio Direction Finding

    Design Features

  • Allows access to cables and connectors Mounting position for MISC-A0045 Rugged construction Designed for SYST-A0004